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WiFi & Wired Networks

Secure your investment with a residential commercial-grade system.

Create full property coverage with a secure, stable, robust data-handling home network that satisfies the digital needs of your entire family. Dozens of devices can operate at the same time giving your family and friends secure access to the internet without risking your personal data network. An enterprise grade system is the backbone of your home and provides a reliable, scalable, easy-to-use network. The right equipment is designed for longevity and maximum reliability and can be expanded to accommodate an additional office or pool house. Your privacy is secure with corporate IT levels of protection from hackers and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is also available for your home office.

Monitoring and Remote Maintenance

We know before you know. Our network devices remotely detect problems with the components of your system before they become major outages. The ability to access, troubleshoot and configure devices remotely through an online portal means no multiple on-site visits. Through simple and secure remote tunneling, we have a safe connection to your devices and networks. Resolution of common network issues can be solved with one-click reboots and resets of devices in remote installations. This functionality is available within a portal and enables us to soft-reboot and hard reboot devices via IP-based PDUs, UPS or PoE Switches.