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Safety & Security

Know who is coming and going in your home with door locks, garage controls and video surveillance accessible anywhere and available for future viewing.

Your home can be prepared for anything, allowing you to relax and feel confident when you are travelling. Access your security cameras online via a secure website to view live security camera feeds and watch the monitors for damage or trouble. Outdoor cameras record in color during daylight hours and utilize an infrared illuminator during evening hours. If there is a disturbance, your touch panel’s backlight will brighten in the dark and a live feed from each security camera will appear, simply touch the one you would like to view. Information from security cameras is stored digitally so you can access footage during your absence.

Safety First

Stay informed with alerts to you, the police and the fire department in the event of a break-in or fire. A combination of a security and lighting system integrated into your home is recommended for safety. If an alarm detects a breached perimeter door or window, all interior lights will turn to full brightness and exterior lights will flash, alerting police and neighbors for assistance and better video footage. When a fire is detected, your lights will go to half-brightness because full light in a smoky room causes confusion. Exterior lights will also flash allowing the fire department to easily identify your home. Water sensors are also important, especially in a vacation where you might not be able to detect flooding.

Confidently use your technology

Knowing that your users are who they say they are is vital to a secure system. Through authentication and authorization, access control procedures confirm appropriate access to your space and information. Access control can be applied to your doors, locks, fences, windows, motion detectors, computers systems and more. The right access control will mitigate the risk of intrusion and a data breach. Invest to protect your home and business.