Listening to your favorite music has never been easier.  Whether you’re on an airplane, at the office, going for a jog, your phone and a set of earbuds are all you need.  When it comes to listening to your home music systems, it should be just as easy.

With hundreds of shapes, sizes, and installation options, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers provide beautiful sound while completely disappearing so your décor is all that’s seen.

Let us help you organize and store your existing and future music collection. Whether you have a single library or a dozen, we have a solution for everyone.

Our home entertainment systems feature simple, convenient access and control for everyone by utilizing tablets, mobile phones, and remote controls.

Conveniently add music to any room with iPod or iPad docking systems that can stream music, internet radio, and more.

Quality digital music from any computer A Digital-to-Analog Converter will improve the sound of the music on your device, adding a realism you never thought possible.


Whether you’re enjoying a pool, hot tub, patio, or the expanse of a beautiful lawn, there is a certain peace that comes from being outside. Why give that up to listen to music or watch TV? Robust, all-weather TVs designed for the elements can live outdoors year round. Don’t want to see the speakers? No problem. With wireless technology, you can access your entire audio/video library from the yard with speakers that seamlessly blend into your landscape and architecture. Bring your HD and hi-fi out into the world, and enjoy it under the sun and stars.


Don’t let ordinary speakers ruin your landscaping. We offer a variety of designs that blend with their surroundings.


Control your outdoor area with any handheld device. Pool Party, Night BBQ, Holiday, and Romance settings let you control lighting to vary ambiance and mood with one touch of a button.

Music Systems


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