Intercom systems are absolutely essential when you want to keep in touch with your entire family while at home. Modern intercoms allow for you to communicate with those that are outside your home but can also be installed in each room with little hassle for inter-room communication. If you already have a home control system for your home, an intercom can be an easy and beneficial addition.

Benefits of Intercom Systems:
  • Easy communication through home control panels that are already in your home
  • Video integration allows for you to easily see everything that is going on in the house
  • Advanced level of home security


Have you ever lost an important call because of poor cell phone reception? How many times has your phone died when you really needed it? This is why it is still important to have a phone line in your home and even better to have one that is integrated with your home control system.

Benefits of Regular Telephone Systems:
  • Get stable connection that doesn’t depend upon cellular reception
  • Never worry about running out of battery
  • Use your home control system to answer and talk on your phone anywhere in your home
  • Integrate standard phone calls with video conferencing and mobile capability

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