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Gate & Door Station

Invest to protect your family and employees.

Advanced Gate & Door stations monitor with high-definition video surveillance remotely via the internet, iPad or mobile device. We partner with security industry leaders and provide the necessary tools. Our systems are not easily disabled, contain digital watermarks needed in a court of law and utilize professional recording software designed to keep your business safe. Integrated security systems offer a higher level of management and control access and video into an intuitive user interface eliminating the need for lock and keys.

We mean business.

For your business, centrally located security allows access only to employees with a PIN, employee card or electronic key fob with and on and off-site management system control. Protocols can be activated to open and lock at specific times and track staff movement and time keeping. Your security system will adjust to changes in staffing while protecting your business investment, lowering your insurance premiums and securing the safety of your employees.