A properly designed and executed home theater is the perfect setting to enjoy movies the way Hollywood directors intended. Sit down in your custom-fit chair and lose yourself in the experience of the big screen, all from the comfort of your own home.


Enjoy home movie nights with the family, create a space where it’s “cool” for your kids and their friends to hang out and play video games or throw a huge Super Bowl party. In addition, you can use a home theater for the business end of your life. Teleconferencing and digital presentations are the way of the world; access in your home will give you an edge in the workplace.

  • ISOLATION –  One hundred percent isolation can only be achieved by completely stopping sound vibration from passing into or out of your home theater through the floors, walls, and ceiling. We’ll  accomplish this by building a room within a room, with no wall touching any other component of the exterior shell. Thanks to our acoustical engineering partners, we can ensure that the room is completely isolated and designed for maximum performance.
  • PERFORMANCE- Maximize sound quality with better acoustics and you won’t spend much on equipment. We’ll show you how to spend better for your home theater, so you don’t have to spend more.

Forget dim screens, muddy audio, and high ticket prices. With modern HD and Ultra HD projectors, truly life-size screens are possible at home. Theater speakers and subwoofers produce incredibly realistic, room-filling audio. Enjoy cinema chairs so comfortable, you’ll gladly sit in them for hours. Best of all: the only cell phone that can ring is yours.

Control your entire theater from a tablet or smartphone. Queue up movies and music instantly. The lights dim, the curtain opens, the movie starts. All possible with a single touch of a button.

Front projectors are smaller, quieter, brighter, and have better picture quality than ever before.

Different screen materials meet every need: acoustically transparent to hide speakers, high-gain screens for brightly lit rooms, motorized styles that disappear when the show is over, and more.

Seating is available in almost any style and size, and in whatever fabric or leather you want.

Big movies have big audio. Surround sound processors and amplifiers drive multiple theater speakers. Power conditioners offer the highest possible performance, ensuring the clearest audio and video. In-wall speakers and subwoofers provide stunning fidelity.

Home Theater Design


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