The home of the future a joy to own today.

Here at Integrated Media Systems, we’ve helped make complex residential technology simple for over 35 years. We provide advanced, professional, and creative resources dedicated to ensuring your project’s success. From beautifully integrated design to the finest home technologies, we’ll guide you through each step of the design and installation process to make certain you have exactly the products you need, the features you want, and the personal attention that will make the home of the future a joy to own today.

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Residential Automation Control

Home automation makes for easy interaction with lighting, climate, security, multiroom audio and video, and more.

Our home entertainment systems feature simple control and convenient access for everyone with tablets, mobile phones, and remotes.

The lights dim and the movie starts. The music swells as the action begins. Are you at the local Cineplex? Guess again. You’re at home.

Media Rooms

More than just televisions, media rooms are mixed-use spaces offering near theater quality audio and video.

Lighting Control

Controlling light properly not only enhances the experience, it helps to save energy by using light when and where it is needed most.

Motorized Shading

Utilize your shading system to save additional energy. Reducing cooling costs is simple with the “Winter warm” & “Summer cool” settings.

From door locks and security cameras you can access from anywhere in the world, your smart home is a safe home.

Wired Networks

The simple, free networks provided by Internet Service Providers don’t offer the security of a residential commercial-grade network.

Residential Intercom Phone Systems

Wireless technology has made residential intercom & phone systems more affordable and easier than ever.

Residential Video Surveillance

Video surveillance allows you to visually monitor every part of your residential property and access recorded images in the future.

Similar to lighting controls, our various climate control systems help to reduce energy costs and achieve a “greener” standard of living.

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