Choosing a security system is hard enough, installing one shouldn’t be also. Before you begin your own security system installation, check out the differences between the Professional vs. DIY security system installation methods.


While it may appear to be a simple matter to protect a home from intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, and other life-threatening occurrences, there are many factors to consider when choosing and placing the proper hardware within a home or business.

Benefits of Professional Installation:

Expert Level Installation
Future Upgrades and Discounts
System Support

By investing in the knowledge and skillset of a system installation professional, you won’t have to worry whether your system has been setup correctly.

A key advantage of hiring a professional is that they are trained and certified, by state and local authorities, to possess the knowledgeable skills for designing a system that meets both specific performance and safety requirements.

Professional installation comes with the added bonus of upgrade and discount opportunities!

Discounted future upgrades are available if you are hiring a professional using professional grade systems that are compatible with the original install. Making your initial home improvement purchase a lifetime investment!

In contrast, DIY products tend to have a very short production run which will end up costing more time and money in the future because you’ll have to replace a larger portion of your system with every upgrade.

Expert assistance for future technology-related emergencies!

Once the security system has been installed, the professional service will provide you with contact information for continued support services. You can then call your provider with system and troubleshooting questions that they’ll be able to answer. If something goes wrong or a connection is lost, Integrated Media Systems is available to help!


The number one reason why people choose to install their own security systems? It’s free. Free doesn’t always make it the best option, though.

If you choose to DIY, there’s an increased chance you will overlook some key elements. Making tiny mistakes that will cost you time, effort, and increase your chances of experiencing an undetected break-in.



One key mistake with DIY camera installations is poorly designed image recording systems. Too many times, the recorded information is useless because it cannot be located and retrieved in a convenient manner, due to the recording software being too difficult to use, or lacking a digital watermark, making it inadmissible as evidence in the event that it would be used in a court of law.


Professional and DIY security system installation methods each have something different to offer a homeowner but only one can ensure your safety from the point of installation. Make your safety a priority by letting the professionals at Integrated Media Systems install and maintain your security system.


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